Practice Literacy and English Professional QTS Skills Tests

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Practice Literacy and English Professional QTS Skills Tests

The Department for Education currently have six different practice exams available for the Literacy (English) QTS skills tests. Four of these are digital, in  the same format as the software used in the actual tests. Two are two written tests  in text format that can be downloaded from the Department for Education's website as PDF documents.

As a result of both the increase in difficulty of these tests (the tests have gone from having a passrate of 98% in 2011-12 to 88% in 2013-14), and the fact that there are now a limited number of attempts to pass these tests (find out more about the changes to the Professional QTS Skills Tests), Owl Tutors have designed a number of new practice tests. These tests are written by experienced teachers to be very close to the current tests in both style and difficulty, and come with full worked solutions. They are available to all students on our workshop days or online tuition service.  

Find out more about the practice tests that are available from the DOE here. 

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We run regular workshops in small groups at our tutoring centre in Clapham, south London.

These are run by experienced Maths and English teachers on a regular basis at our testing centre in Clapham Old Town, working with small groups of aspiring teachers. Students are set a paper (custom-written by our team of experts to be very close in style and difficulty to the QTS skills tests) in advance of the day, which is marked and fully-assessed at the start of the session. This is then used to shape the rest of the day according to the needs of students in the group. The day will cover all the most commonly-met problems from the group, alongside looking at exam technique for the QTS Skills tests. At the end of the day we will test you again, under full exam conditions, and feedback on performance in this. Lastly, we will send you away with tailored work aimed at helping you address your areas of need, as identified in your tests. On a recent Numeracy day we had five students, of whom all failed the pre-test. By the end of the day, all students passed the second test, and since all have gone on to pass their skills tests. All are now training to be teachers.

Click here for up-to-date listings of all our upcoming QTS Workshops in both Literacy and Numeracy.

Online tuition

Although our main product for QTS tuition is our series of intensive workshops, not everyone can make it to our tutoring centre in London. With that in mind, we are pleased to also offer one-to-one tuition via our online tuition system. Please click here for more details.

Owl Tutors are the leading provider of QTS tuition in the UK. We have already successfully provided private tuition to a great many individuals for their Numeracy and Literacy Professional QTS Skills Tests, and know that these people are well on their way to successful careers in the classroom. Our agency is unique in that all of our tutors are qualified teachers, and so will already have passed their QTS skills tests. They are familiar with the new format and know what you need to know to pass. No other agency can make this claim.