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Are you looking for help with your QTS Skills Tests?

The Department for Education currently have six different practice exams available for the Literacy (English) QTS skills tests. Four of these are digital, in  the same format as the software used in the actual tests. Two are two written tests  in text format that can be downloaded from the Department for Education's website as PDF documents.

As a result of both the increase in difficulty of these tests (the tests have gone from having a passrate of 98% in 2011-12 to 88% in 2013-14), and the fact that there are now a limited number of attempts to pass these tests (find out more about the changes to the Professional QTS Skills Tests), Owl Tutors have designed a number of new practice tests. They are available to all students on our workshop days or online tuition service.  

Find out more about the practice tests that are available from the DOE here. 

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Amanda and my daughter work really well together, Amanda seems to have just the right balance of motivating and inspiring Isabella to work hard. She is someone that Isabella can look up to. They seem to enjoy the sessions as at the end there is always laughter and Isabella seems to be exhilarated. It is a pleasure to have Amanda in our home. We have look forward to results day and I am sure Amanda will be too. Lorraine on the 20th of March, 2014